OGP #ThrowbackThursday: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Be true to yourself. Don’t cheat yourself. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror.

How many times have you heard these, or some variant of them? What do these mean to you? When did you first truly ask yourself — er, the mirror — “Who is the [insert self-affirming adjective here] one of all”? More importantly, when did you first take head of the answer, and what impact did it have on your life?

I recently had a very tough conversation with a beloved protege that led me to revisit this concept. It reminded me of a drastically different situation that caused me to do what I asked of her — to look in the mirror, be honest about what you see and, if you are not satisfied with what you see, be sincere in your actions to grow.

It sounds so simple. It actuality, it can be so hard. Sometimes it stings. When you are sincere, though, and you really want to grow, it’s always rewarding. Here’s my flashback…

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Response to “The Power of Helping”

The Power of Helping


Seeking help is seeking collaboration

For a person who is looking to grow, asking for help is more like recruiting teammates than asking for favors. As Jayson indicated, this is strong behavior. It’s far easier to give up than it is to continue searching when the path forward is unclear.

Providing help strengthens the helper

I don’t mind admitting that, when I seek to help someone, I often view it partially as a  selfish endeavor. That is, I think about how helping in a particular instance will help me. This is not a bad thing!

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