OGP #ThrowbackThursday: From Mortified to Pride

In the first installment of our take on the Throwback Thursday theme, “Because It’s Fun“, I focused on the simple, borderline¬†giddy childhood notion of doing things simply because we enjoy them. It is, unfortunately, all to easy for us to lose sight of that simple, fulfilling motivation as we grow older.¬†This week, we’ll go in another direction, and a little less cuddly (LOL). This week is about those childhood experiences that seemed “life or death terrible” then, but have prove to be minor, if not outright beneficial to our development as we’ve grown.

Do you remember, particularly during your teen years, being embarrassed about aspects of your life that, today, are either insignificant or, better yet, sources of learning, or even great personal pride? Most of us have gone through this. The example on my mind today stems from feelings of dread that I had about what I perceived, at the time, as being “poor”.

Wait! Before you judge me :-), understand that I now see things completely differently. My point is that those of us with the benefit of life context may be able help those who are younger or less experienced by helping them to see the bigger picture to which I’m about to allude and, ultimately, to understand that most of life’s experiences serve to make us better versions of ourselves.

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