“I want my corners.” -Avon Barksdale

I was watching clips from The Wire and I was reminded of the quote above and I started to think what it meant on a deeper level. Two things came to mind when hearing it. The first was Stephen Covey’s quote, “The Main Thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” While the second was the hedgehog principle highlighted in Jim Collins book Good to Great. And deep down, I think that is what drove Avon to simply “want his corners.”

Hedgehog Principle

Hedgehog Principle

The pink are in the image above is where one should go into business and for Avon that was his corners. But it also was his passion.

Finding Your Passion
And I think that is where a lot of us are, trying to find our corner in life. The key part is finding your passion. To me, that is the hardest step. Because your passion isn’t something you just like to do, it what you need to do to continually stay energized and moving forward. Personally I didn’t figure out mine until a few years ago. I had thought it was web development, sports, and a few other things. But one day I started to drill down a little deeper and look at what really connects all that I do. At the root of all of my actions and endeavors was that I simply enjoyed helping people.

I am not saying helping people should be done for personal gain or monetary reward, but sometimes it does happen. For example, coaching is one time where I am compensated for the help I am able to provide. But the true gift is watching the athletes grow and learn more about themselves.

We are all on a quest to find our corner that we can focus, develop, and someday pass on to those we care about. It would be great to find it in our prime time, but the key is just to find it and never stop searching until you do.

So what’s your corner in life?


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