How Being Thankful Helps Me

Jayson’s post, Being Thankful, got me thinking. Then I ran across this article by Maryling Yu, “The Most Important Skill In Life (It’s Not What You Think)“. I thought, “There’s something to this, and it’s worth me taking a few minutes to think about what this means to me”.

Jayson’s thoughts, Maryling Yu’s article and so many life experiences (many in hindsight) made me realize that I kind of knew this. I cannot, however, claim to have thought concretely about the concept of Being Thankful in quite this fashion. While I have been trying to improve my ownership of how I feel about life, on any given day, in any given situation, I should also be working on what I do in this context. The two are closely related, but quite different.

Accordingly, this is what I’d like to master:

  1. Remembering that the ultimate freedom is in how I feel about any situation, and focusing on positive aspects or consequences.. Being thankful always applies here, because there is so much for me to be thankful for. I would wager that anyone who happens upon this post could say the same, that there is so much for which we could and should be thankful.
  2. Observing the separation between how I feel and what I do… Just because I don’t like a situation doesn’t mean that I can’t do what needs to be done, and find the positives (aspects or consequences) in it.
  3. Demonstrating positivity in my actions.. Good things are always coming from trying situations. I can do my part to facilitate this phenomenon by acting with positive intent.

Maybe I’ll add this to my Lift goals…


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